Leading a Successful Organizational Transformation

Leading a Successful Organizational Transformation

June 23, 2021

No business was prepared when the pandemic hit. Even large and established businesses were shocked by the disruption brought about by the pandemic. With the implementation of lockdown in various countries all over the world, both small and large businesses were affected.

However, with the internet readily available during these times, it has become a rather powerful tool to deliver information and continue with day-to-day operations. While the internet has been available for several years now, its importance has not been realized until the pandemic hit.

The pandemic has made people realize the necessity of digital transformation in today’s era of modern technology. In fact, most businesses have already taken the initiative to switch to digital transformation before the pandemic and most of them have survived. 

The Business Industry in Times of Crisis

Businesses have struggled during the pandemic period. The disruption brought about by the pandemic has happened all over the world and it has affected both large and small businesses, regardless of whether they have already taken the step in transforming their businesses digitally.

Digital transformation is not just for big companies. There are a lot of small-scale businesses that have taken that leap of faith in digital transformation and they have been successful.

During the pandemic and the implementation of lockdowns, businesses closed. But some have thrived and noted seeds of opportunity in times of crisis. These seeds of opportunity allow businesses to develop strategies that can help with moving forward with operations despite restrictions and challenges.

Leaders Taking the Lead in Transformation

Managing an organization’s transformation is like taking your company apart and putting it back together in a new way while keeping the business running at the same time. The company leaders play an important role in the process of transformation.

Leaders and executives of businesses must be visible as they lead the group and provide cues of what matters so everyone will follow. So, how can leaders make a successful organizational transformation?

Make the Transformation Meaningful

Whether the employees believe and take part in a change effort, this can make or break your transformation goals. Business leaders must tap on their employee’s energy by making the change or transformation more personal. It will also help if leaders can help make the change openly engaging to the employees.

While connecting with people will take time and effort, it is an essential part of leadership. Leaders must put their face in front of their employees if they want their employees to follow them.

Be the Change, Mindset, and Behavior that You Want to See

It will be a rather powerful effort to be the change, mindset, and behavior that you want to see in your employees. This means, that you have to take the lead not just simply putting out what your employees need to do for a successful transformation but doing it yourself.

Leaders with disruptive behaviors have a negative effect on how their employees will respond. Leaders must be humble and they have to listen to their employees. If the leaders are credible and they act in a way that elicits a positive impact on their employees, the organizational transformation will likely become a success.

Build a Strong and Committed Team

If you want to have a successful business transformation, you have to create a team that is committed to making that change. You have to create a team that is dedicated to achieving your business goals.

Taking tough decisions can have a surprisingly positive impact on the rest of the organization. You have to choose your team wisely and get rid of those who are not fit for the team. High performers in a team will become more motivated and those who perform less will opt-out.

Relentlessly Pursue Impact

Leaders should relentlessly pursue impact. You have to be involved in the details. The execution of the transformation process is the leader’s most important job. The leader must be involved in the problem-solving process, making quick decisions when disruptions appear and staying on top of the game.

Business leaders must not only lead but also engage in the actual process to ensure successful organizational transformation.

The Takeaway

A successful business transformation takes effort, good planning, and talented people to become successful. It cannot be guaranteed that it will be smooth sailing till the end because there will always be bumps ahead and you and your team will just need to be ready for it.

It is important to remember the core of your business, as this will guide you moving forward. In ensuring success, you have to apply various principles like challenging mental models, open innovation, and experimentation. As a leader, you have to oversee it and take part in the actual process, so your team will follow you.


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