Transformation in Times Of Crisis

Transformation in Times of Crisis: Roundtable Discussion with Authors (Invite only)

Date & Time: February 5, 2021, 3PM (GMT)

While the COVID- 19 pandemic has made us witness the disruption like never before, affecting almost all of the industries across the world; join Nitin Rakesh and Jerry Wind for a round table discussion on how any crisis could be turned into an opportunity with a positive outlook and change in mental models. Tune in to learn the eight principles to create opportunities and value in the post- pandemic world.

1. Challenge your Mental Models and Always Stay Ahead
2. Reimagine and Reinvent Your Approach to Customers and Stakeholders
3. Speed up Digital Transformation and Design for Personalization at Scale
4. Reinvent Your Talent Strategy and Embrace Open Innovation and Open Talent
5. Seize the Need for Speed and Design for Agility, Adjacencies and Adaptability
6. Innovate then Experiment, Experiment, Experiment
7. Redraw Your Timelines and Build a Portfolio of Initiatives across all Innovation Horizons
8. Deploy Idealized Design, Recreate Your Organizational Architecture and Network

For some companies, the crisis has and continues to provide opportunities for new growth.
Tune in to hear from the panel on how to navigate crises and create opportunities for long-term success.

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