Stay Ahead in Business through Innovation and Experimentation

Stay Ahead in Business through Innovation and Experimentation

February 17, 2021

Despite the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, some opportunities have emerged for businesses. In fact, it is every uplifting to see businesses coming together to work openly in an unprecedented level. The pandemic has created seeds of opportunity for many businesses.

During the pandemic, businesses were given two options, which are to stay out of business or to stay ahead in business. So, how can businesses stay ahead and take on the challenge in the new norm? One efficient way to do this, according to business experts, is to tap on innovation and experimentation along with digital transformation.

In this age of digital transformation, business owners and industry leaders understand that the culture of innovation and experimentation is essential to the transformation process. They also understand that innovation cannot become successful without the culture of experimentation.

Experimentation is Essential for Digital Transformation

It cannot be denied that today’s industry relies solely on data gathered. However, failures can occur when we simply rely on data to create solutions without doing some experimentation.

Likewise, this can also significantly restrict a business from exploring its full potential in terms of innovation and can hinder growth and development considering the changes that are currently happening in society and across various industries.

According to industry experts, businesses that foster a culture of experimentation will be able to see a significant increase in revenue compared to those who do not do so.

Business who are taking the step in digital transformation understand the need for experimentation in innovation. For this reason, they prioritize the culture of experimentation to determine the best possible strategies and resolutions for on-going problems within and outside the business.

The pandemic has brought about a lot of changes in the industry and how consumers acquire products and services. Such change should be a driving force for innovation and experimentation. This way, businesses can stay ahead in business despite the disruptions brought about by the pandemic.

Businesses Creating a Culture of Innovation

To stay ahead in business despite disruptions, a business must be able to create a culture of innovation. But, how can a business do such?

First, businesses should not fear failures. Instead, failures must be celebrated and learning must be extracted from those failures. Business leaders should always empower their team to learn from failures.

Business leaders must encourage their team to propose out-of-the-box ideas without having to fear of any negative views and reward their team for pitching innovative ideas. Also, brainstorming sessions must be encouraged. Lastly, leaders must encourage their team to drive insights from failures and share these insights across the organization.

Experimentation and iteration are both critical for business when it comes responding to digital disruption. Leaders should always encourage their team to learn from those experiments, reiterate, and adapt in a rapid manner to drive the full potential of innovation.

It is important for businesses to not only figure out how to compete in the future but also make sure to maintain the core business, so that they can be productive in the present times.


Regardless of whether there is an ongoing pandemic or not, businesses can definitely benefit from taking the step in adapting digital transformation. In today’s highly digitized and competitive society, business that fail to foster innovation and experimentation are doomed to become stagnant and eventually fail.

It is vital for business leaders to take the lead and promote experimentation and innovation in their businesses as they take the step forward to be digitally transformed. With digital transformation, better services and products are offered, in a way the consumers want and are currently adapting to.